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Moving an average of $4.1 billion of cargo annually, Missouri waterways provide low-cost transportation benefits to businesses from around the globe. Each Missouri port authority operates one or more public terminals – providing a range of cargo transfers and storage as well as land for industrial development. With an average of over 35 years of experience in economic development, Missouri port authorities can provide your business with friendly, direct and responsive service, making us central to your success.


The Port of Howard/Cooper County is located on the Missouri River at mile 196.5 on the left bank, directly across from Boonville, MO. It is the only public facility between Kansas City and St. Louis. There are no dams or locks obstruct the channel of the Missouri River from this site to its junction with the Mississippi River in St. Louis.



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Port Facility
  • Port Authority owns and operates set of scales, a scale house, and approximately 231,000 bushels of grain storage

  • Port Authority recently purchased the partnering half of the existing dock structure and adjacent 0.3 acres

  • The Port owns land on which a B-TEK steel deck truck scale with a portable office building adjacent to the scale site

  • West of the tract with the truck scales, the Port has a lease interest in approximately 1½ acres which may be used as a staging area but can have no permanent structures on the property

  • South of the grain scales and staging tract is a grain facility on leased ground which consists of 155,000 bushel capacity corrugated steel grain bin, two
    additional grain bins each with an approximate capacity of 30,000 bushels, a leg with an approximate capacity of 7,000 bushels per hour, a dump pit located in a driveway building with a concrete floor, two overhead hopper bins above the dump pit and driveway building with the approximate capacity of 2,200 bushels each, a control and power room, conveyor with a truck load out area

Transportation and Market Access
  • Adjacent to US Hwy. 40, Missouri Hwy. 5 and Hwy. 87 and I-70

  • Within one mile of the Missouri Pacific Railroad

  • Only Missouri River public shipping access between Kansas City and St. Louis

Industrial Development
  • 18 Acre site is currently owned by the port authority with close proximity to existing dock for future dock or laydown/storage area

  • Available utilities include three-phase and single-phase electric, as well as water and gas

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Year Established


Thousand Bushel
Grain Storage


Acres for Industrial


Counties Within 50 mi.


Head Office

609 Main Street

PO Box 106
Boonville, MO 65233

Phone: 660.882.5858

Port Authority Board of Commissioners

Bill Betteridge, Executive Director/Secretary

John Sponaugle, Asst. Director/Treasurer

Kendall Kircher, Chairman

Jason Linneman, Vicechairman

Amanda Schuster

Nathan Belstle

Bill Burnett

Don Baragary

Curtis Sanders

Kenny Smith

Danny Wassmann

Mike Watring


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